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TikTok Mentoring 

Due to popular demand myself and Amani Zubair have put together a mentoring service to help you establish your online presence on Tiktok. 


Jay started TikTok in 2020 originally just for business use however however was quickly able to grow both a personal brand and create multiple business opportunities. 


@Jayvsop (85k Followers)

@Jaystips (22K Followers) 

Amani used TikTok to grow her business Tresor from a sidehustle in her bedroom to becoming Lord Sugars youngest business partner. 

@Shoptresor (157k Followers)

@Marniemedia (26K Followers) 

  • Tiktok Mentoring

    Every month
    Limited spaces
    • -Tiktok guide & 50 content ideas pack
    • - Access to our tiktok groupchat
    • - Up to date Trend information
    • - How to monetize your account
    • - Instagram Reel advice
    • -Tiktok business & personal brand growth

What is included ?

  • You will be added to a group chat where Jay & Amani will provide advice and group mentoring 

  • TikTok guide and content ideas pack 

  • Information & tips on how to start and grow your business and personal brand 

  • Updates on TikTok trends will be posted regularly 

  • Information on how to monetize your account

  • Instagram Reel advice 

  • Networking opportunities 

  • Beginner guides on how to setup your profile and make videos

Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 17.32.54-side.png

Included in the subscription ;

-TikTok guide to help you build an audience for your business / personal brand

-50 content ideas to help you create meaningful content that works on TikTok 

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